Monday, February 20, 2012

Music Rant: Ice Prince; Juju


Since my life is boring and there is nothing much to rant about... I had an epiphany moment 2 minutes ago to rant about peoples music / music videos that are stupid! \(^ ^)/
First up is ICEPRINCE;
So here is the video:

And thus comes my rant:

Everyone knows Ice Prince has the worst lyrics on earth! But as if that isn’t bad enough, the idiot decided to torture us with his horrible videos... AGAIN!!!!!!

You know what I can’t stand, chocolate citys’ LIES! EVERYMORAFUGING time, after an Ice Prince video is released, these idiots come up with this absolutely stupid excuse (report) that the video is a "leak". These dumbasses need to sit their ass down and accept their mistakes... YOU ALWAYS MAKE HORRIBLE VIDEOS!!!!!!!!! Whether it is MI or Ice Prince they all suck!!!!! The only thing that saves them is that most of their music is either party songs  (from Ice Prince) or really good lyrical songs (from MI). You know what, I’m not going to comment a lot about them... just wait till they release another stupid report, then I will come in full form.

Apparently this video was "leaked" but the truth is we are probably never going to see the original so we might as well stick to it. In plain words, THIS VIDEO IS HORRIBLE. I hoped, just for one second it was some kind of dream but apparently not.
Ice Prince, in this song you talk about going around the federation making money, Y U NO PAY CLEARANCE PETERS TO MAKE YOUR GODDAMN VIDEO!!!!!!!!!! Your solution is so easy it almost annoying that you can’t see it! Oleku video sucked, superstar was torture to watch, and this one, is freaking unbearable... you made me wish for one second that you fell down when you were on that tall building... HABA! Mr. Man, it is not that hard to make a good video.... considering your tacky lyrics you deserve to give your fans one thing to be happy about.... hen!, you think what I’m saying is evil and maybe I do sound like a hater but in all honesty I am not! I have your whole album and even with the horrible rhymes I listen to every single song almost every other week (HA!).
MORAL OF THE STORY: Ice Prince go and jump of that tall building and start getting common sense because e b like say you need am plenty!

So sorry that Valentine’s Day post just came up... I wrote it on the 17th I just forgot to publish it!

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