Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merri Krizzmozz!!

*cutting the grass*

December = Exams and they've been a really tough time sha but ayam alive and thats all that matters :). 
Next year, I'm coming back in full force.. just want to wish y'all a Merri Krizzmozz.......:)
I loaf all of you and I hope you have an amazing time on this special day.

Tharrisall :)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Nollywood Excuses!


I have vexed ooh

So the one time I was looking for this particular movie to watch and because I am not at home (in naija) I can’t get to watch it as easily as everyone else. So, I ask where can I get the movie to watch online and some iranu of a person starts to condemn me because I am looking for where to watch the movie online instead of buying the original DVD or going to the movies to watch it....

Thus is my rant

THA FUDGE?????? .... do you my friend, think that if I could find a place to buy it that I won’t, or if I could watch it in the cinemas, I won’t???. I LOVE to support my naija people any day especially when I see a lot of hardwork and effort has been put into a project but I can only help you, if you help yourself..... in other words, I will ONLY buy the movie if I can see it to buy and I will only go to the cinemas if I can watch it in the cinema... so don’t be easy to judge.

I know we have a lot of piracy issues in naija but sometimes, I can’t help but blame the actors, actresses, producers, musician and every single person in that industry... why you may ask? its cos they don’t give us the opportunity to help them... have any of them EVER thought of making a website online where people can buy their movies and watch them like Netflix?. Something that is user friendly and won’t give you hypertension when you are about to put in your credit card number.

It’s frustrating when Nigerians expect apples to freaking drop from the sky. If you want me to buy your movie, make sure I can find it to buy.... SHIKENA!!!!..... it is not that hard... if I can’t find it to buy, I WILL watch it illegally and too bad for your pocket... because at this point it’s no longer my fault.... it is you my friend, that has deprived yourself of that amount of money ... no be me cause am....

And if you know anyone in the industry let them SEE this and make a change instead of continuously complaining because I am tired of hearing this stupid excuse....


*sorry I haven’t been blogging didn’t have much to rant about.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

What do they want?

*attempting to dodge slap* Don’t arm me!!!!
Ok I apologize but I've had a travelling week asin I travelled almost every other day.... and I had an exam... so it wasn’t the most fun week...
Ill rant about that later sha
Sha onto serious topic...or ranting whichever way you want to call it

Story behind my rant

Me: so what are you looking for in a girl?
Him: I want a clean girl with less baggage... she should love god

*Girl passes by*

Me: what about her?
Him: well she’s not churchy and she doesn’t carry that much baggage... but she doesn’t go to church...

*another passes by*

Me: What about her?
Him: I don’t know, she seems too churchy for me


Am I the only one that sees the contradiction between those two scenarios/ statements. You say you want a girl that loves God and when you finally meet one, you complain that she’s too churchy... you have got to be friggin kidding me right now! Like honestly? Are you serious? ..... Cos really all I see right now is someone that is confused and doesn’t know what he wants! *calms down*

As you can tell, I’m in ultimate ranting mode... truth is everyone has this problem... we envision what we want but when we finally face it, we can’t accept it because truly, that is not what we want.... we want something better or worse than that...

As much as I'm super angry about this whole thing, I couldn’t blame them too much...sometimes, I go to the mall with the idea of buying heels and I come back with a pair of flats.... Why?.... because I find out that those heels I thought would look great on me are actually not for me or I find out that I can barely walk in them.... smh!

But you know what, doing that to shoes, is fine but trampling on human beings feelings, can NEVER be acceptable...

MORAL OF THE STORY: live for God and yourself, you can never please human beings

Tharrisall :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Random Ranting :)

Whuzzup pimples...asin peoples and pimps... u know! Pimples... you get?? *crickets*

Ok on to better things...

It’s your favorite, Random Ranting... let’s get on with it!

I go dey follow follow you ehh

Since we are on this topic, I think I need to say that I am against all these websites that use the term "follow" because whenever I follow someone, it hurts... my mother said I should be a leader not a follower haba... c as dey degrade my status... k-hem-tee!

Warning: Do not drink milk that has been open in the fridge for over a week... without smelling it. You never know, it might cost you a bathroom session..... *looks at the can of milk*..... WAKA!!!!!! .... K-hem-tee (kmt!)

God bless the idiot that poured spoilt food inside the garbage can in the bathroom...since you have made my bathroom session disgusting, you have been blessed with a sleepless night... :)

Babe stole clothes...they catch her and she said,"ooh sorry, I thought they were mine".. you blind??... these clothes are too small for you considering your size... how on earth can they fit you??... Fool! I for flog the nonsense out of her body.... ABSOLUTE RUBBISH!.... kmt!

Advice... if you can't afford it, then dont look at it... It'll only cause you more pain... :(

Ha! you are looking for someone to buy things for you?... you berra come back to reality...that dont appen erryday..

Errmmm... my life has now become a bore imagine, nothing to yarn about... haha I wished for this but it came to fast…

God! Thank you!

Till I have something to say


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Losing yourself

*now sweeping the floor*
Oook so ayam back
If you didn’t miss me then keep it to yourself
No my trials and tribulations are not yet over but halfway there
On to today’s topic:

So today is a moral episode and this is part of what I’ve been going through... you know when people say "obedience is better than sacrifice", errm take it seriously because it is soo true. Sha on to the story:

So there’s this guy I met sha at the beginning of my school year, and things were good and we had a lot of friends in common sha over a couple of weeks or days, the dude finally came up to me and you know how these things go... if you don’t, well, we like each other h-end of story. sha being the good geh that I am, I decide I’m not going to get physical until we know h-each other well enough and that was my blessing... sha one day, dude is sick.... can’t get off bed so I go for a visit and when I get there, I find some pills and I don’t know what they are for so I send my mom the names of the pills (she’s a pharmacist) and a couple of days later she replies me that those drugs are for people with tuberculosis.....1 2 3 4 5 *scream*....

If you don’t know what tuberculosis is, it is a lifetime disease and can spread from ANY form of liquid exchange…Google the rest

I did mention we were sort of seeing each other right? Well, we were and I made it a rule that we should NOT get involved yet... asin no kissing or any liquid contact but we did have hugs and other moments but I was really hesitant and careful...

Ok so my rant:

JESUS CHRIST! What would have happened to me if I had kissed him or did anything stupid? What would have happened to me if I had thrown down all my guards, my morals and everything I would have had TUBECULOSIS! Ehen! My mum told me this disease is like a taboo and it’s a big thing I even did a little research on it and I panicked for the longest time... plus around that time I had a cough and chest pains (symptoms of TB) ... remember in my last post I said this was a matter life or death well, YOU SEE???.... the amount of panic I have gone through is too much..... I was losing it small by small mehn and no one to talk to about this ish.... I was scared to the bone... anyways

MORAL OF THE STORY: don’t loose yourself, stick to your laws and rules according to God cos they could literally save you from a life time disease like it did for me.... and yes I DONT have Tuberculosis.... THANK GOD!!! Cleared by the doctor....sha we dont talk no more but the point is never lose your self


Friday, November 4, 2011

No vex...

I know... I'm begining to slack but I am aving a mid life crisis right now... I will rant about it next week... this one is serious ooh am talking tuberculosis serious mehn asin no jokes.... sha pray for me ooh!!!!... 

a little update ... sunday would be posting day and wednesday to friday would be second post...asin one of those days but Sunday should be definite.... Thank you guys for reading my blog... i appreciate ooh and...


Later ....:)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Random Ranting :)

Reader: But LadyT you h-are slacking now!! Where is our post?
Me: Will you shattap there my fren!
       How dare you question my timing!

I had four topics on Saturday and they disappeared on Sunday... no I decided to you know focus on what happened on Saturday so I could remember what happened this is because they were really good topics too... I tried doing it from Sunday till today and I still can’t remember.... so this inspired a new kind of post called “Random Ranting”...

And it begins now:

Some students are very foolish ooh... how can your parent be paying so much money on you to come to school just for you to come to class and do facebook... you just be very silly! ... JUDGEMENT DAY is coming for YOU!!! Yes! Your h-exams are fast approaching and that is judgment my friend!

Why must I always wear heels... na by force!... see this idiot ooh trying to get me to wear heels for party and I told her I can’t because when I got to parties, I dance if I wear heels, I have made a commitment not to take it off and then I wouldn’t be able to dance so you see, it just doesn’t work!.. But it is as if someone slapped her deaf…kmt! I will soon give her ears to hear with *rolling my eyes*

I’ve been out of sleep sha! slept at one on Saturday/Sunday woke up at 3am on the Sunday travelled 2hrs away from church, visited people, took them to church, took them out, came back to my prison aka school, found out I had homework, and didn’t sleep till 1am ish only to wake up early for class the next day... smh story of my life

Ha! Nigerians (including me) never seem to amaze me... smh and kmt! .....they just say the stupidest things sometimes and I don’t know mehn another post for another day

Btw if I do say another post for another day, just pray to God I remember or else,

Tharrisall !!
Enjoy your week

**yes this is a new version of my blog, it'll be fun :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


So you know as a babe, decided to give myself a lirru (little) treat yesterday. I invited myself to this restaurant... I knew it was expensive, but I had arrived on a special day called "Toonie Tuesday" (no this is not KFC ooh!) its one restaurant like that trying to do copy cat but I wasn’t worried. Since it was cheaper that day, I figured that I’d try the food there sha. The first attendant was really nice and he had great customer service ish sha but the waiter, I for knock that idiots head.... see as she serve me food with no cutlery or ketchup! Kmt! (sha another post for later)..... So sha I ate and then I was like "the bill?" (As a boss!)... Sha I brought out my card to pay sha and then passed it on to her... she told me the bill was $6.21... I was happy cos it was really cheap compared to other restaurants. She now gave me back the receipt, only to see about $11.60....JESU!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which kind yawa be this na! How can you make me happy only to make me cry... turns out the babe already put in her "tip" money as part of the payment and took it from my card. And this is where my rant begins:


WHAT THA FUDGE!!!!!!! 5 dollar tip..... Mehn that used to be what I earned every week maybe a month and babe just took it out of my card just like that! Two things vexed me bout this whole issue. First, that tip was too gaddem much allow na and she didn't even let me tip her myself! she literally tipped herself. God will Judge you! that’s what I am supposed to use to eat the next day and you just thief my money like that! .... I’m happy for her that I wasn’t the one who tipped her cos it would have been -$10 for having to deal with her bad customer service kmt!.. she would have been the one paying me money... Nonsense upon Anger! ....... She didn’t deserve that kinda tip!... if it was the first attendant that I meet then I wouldn’t have vexed this much but she was lousy and she didn’t even do what she was supposed to do plus babe was tensing and vexing in front of customers only to come and chop my money in the end.

Finally, why must we always pay tips to waiters... it’s like an unwritten rule here that you must tip them... I always tell my mum that it shouldn’t be so cos even after you tip them they still expect cash! chai! TWO IN ONE BONUS! ... see, why I’ve always envied waiters here?

End of story, I went out of the restaurant broke :(... I’m not sure if that treat was worth it anymore considering the fact that I’m going to have to suffer it today *stomach rumbles*.... if I catch that woman outside her workplace...she better pick race or it is her head I will use for dinner... kmt!


Love ya'll and tell ya friends’ bout this blog... before I sell my computer in order to buy food. *sobbing*

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Horrible slangs!!!!

There’s nothing more annoying than waking up to a text that says;

Heysss!!! Ow r u duwin! Waz juzt tinking bowt uz hanging smetym! Plzz rply TTYLzz!!

Arghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *attempting to pluck all the hair of my head*.....WHO TYPES LIKE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Ok I am not in any way against slangs and text typing but there is a limit to everything in life. The first thing I notice is the "heysssss" who writes heysss?? It can never be that hard to type HEY its even freaking shorter and isn’t that what slangs are all about? To shorten words but now you’ve made the word longer than it should!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t FREAKING get I anymore!!!! PEOPLE ARE JUST OUT OF CONTROL!!!!!!! Or maybe I am *trying to calm down*

People that type like this never get ANY replies because once I read their message and I see "heysssss" I just drop the phone or close the entire facebook and just run away I CANNOT bring myself to reply them. I feel bad cos they think I’m ignoring them but it’s not true I just can’t stand their typing. Celebrities should not even be allowed to type like that! TONTO DIKEH always does it and that is why I can’t follow her or like her cos if I see "juzt" I will break my phone out of anger.

Slangs are good but do everything in moderation! I can go on this topic forever but I will complain about it every now and then

And the right way to type it:

Babe! Watsup! We should hang out smetym oh! It’s been long!

Notice I removed the “ttyl” and “please reply”, its cos if I like your message you would NEVER have to beg me for a reply!!!!! Plus begging me only makes me delay the response.

 Tharrisall! (That is all)

ps. I LOVE Tonto dikeh she is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011


So this isn’t exactly what I want to call this post but I don’t want to over think it so here it goes:

Is there anything wrong in being uncomfortable by what normal people your age find very comfortable doing?

The reason I ask is really straightforward

Ever since I was young, Purity has always been a priority in my life and anything that contradicted it in anyway was NOT permitted around me. Apart from the fact that my mum made it a law, I grew to love being pure and clean and I guess virtuous. But coming to university is totally beginning to change my ideas. I have to admit, I DO NOT feel comfortable doing lot of things my mates consider as unimportant or usual. I don’t support grinding in any form, not a big fan of kissing and don’t let me get started on sex as a whole. Fine I agree, I am super conservative but I’ve always loved it and I have never had any reason in my life to hate it at all. I’ve always had people around me who supported me and had my back but now not so much. *sigh*

I’ve never wanted to be cool. Not because I never “fit” in with the “cool” kids but mostly because I never supported what they did and if that was the price to pay then it was fine by me.

University is sooo different mostly because now I feel like I’m the only person who supports what I believe but I know I’m not the only one (I hope). But that aside, would you really consider me “weird”, “awkward”, “outdated”, or maybe even “old school”? and is it really bad thing to have such kind of beliefs in this time and age?

I don’t really know what the essence of this post is, but that’s the point… I’m supposed to rant :P

Comment if you want… you might save my brain for over thinking.

LATER xoxo

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Reason for going to Church

Happy Bad Sunday

Since I have now immigrated to a new town, I have been trying out some churches around. Sha, I got tired of trying and decided that I’d rather just stream with my previous church than go to a church where I’ll be checking the clock every five seconds and praying to God to rescue me from this utter torture. (Yes, a church where you are not hearing what God wants you to hear is torture because it is not for you!) So, one of my padi was now questioning me about why I’d rather go to church on my computer screen instead of "fellowshipping” with people. And thus is my reason:

Why on earth am I going to church? To fellowship with people or to hear God's word. If I really wanted fellowship, I for waka outside my house go visit my neighbor than drive or take bus down all the way from my house to church. Plus let’s not forget the pre-church ceremony such as take a bath, brush my teeth, look all clean, make up, den pick out dress..... Abegi, why would I go through all of that JUST to go to church when I can just wake up in my PJs and watch the computer screen and nobody knows what I look like or if I’ve even had a bath. Plus I only go to hear Gods word if I can’t do that in that church then sorry that church and I are NOT compatible.


**this is not to condemn anyone’s reason for going to church just my own thoughts

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Welcome to my blog

The only problem i see right now is me having to develop the energy to type.

Do you know how stressful that is?

Yes, if you cant stand listening to a babe rant, well you better find an exit right now because you entered the wrong blog.

No, I dont consistently complain but most times i can find something to complain about

that is all for now.

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