Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Random Ranting :)

Reader: But LadyT you h-are slacking now!! Where is our post?
Me: Will you shattap there my fren!
       How dare you question my timing!

I had four topics on Saturday and they disappeared on Sunday... no jokes...so I decided to you know focus on what happened on Saturday so I could remember what happened this is because they were really good topics too... I tried doing it from Sunday till today and I still can’t remember.... so this inspired a new kind of post called “Random Ranting”...

And it begins now:

Some students are very foolish ooh... how can your parent be paying so much money on you to come to school just for you to come to class and do facebook... you just be very silly! ... JUDGEMENT DAY is coming for YOU!!! Yes! Your h-exams are fast approaching and that is judgment my friend!

Why must I always wear heels... na by force!... see this idiot ooh trying to get me to wear heels for party and I told her I can’t because when I got to parties, I dance if I wear heels, I have made a commitment not to take it off and then I wouldn’t be able to dance so you see, it just doesn’t work!.. But it is as if someone slapped her deaf…kmt! I will soon give her ears to hear with *rolling my eyes*

I’ve been out of sleep sha! slept at one on Saturday/Sunday woke up at 3am on the Sunday travelled 2hrs away from church, visited people, took them to church, took them out, came back to my prison aka school, found out I had homework, and didn’t sleep till 1am ish only to wake up early for class the next day... smh story of my life

Ha! Nigerians (including me) never seem to amaze me... smh and kmt! .....they just say the stupidest things sometimes and I don’t know mehn another post for another day

Btw if I do say another post for another day, just pray to God I remember or else,

Tharrisall !!
Enjoy your week

**yes this is a new version of my blog, it'll be fun :)

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