Sunday, November 13, 2011

Losing yourself

*now sweeping the floor*
Oook so ayam back
If you didn’t miss me then keep it to yourself
No my trials and tribulations are not yet over but halfway there
On to today’s topic:

So today is a moral episode and this is part of what I’ve been going through... you know when people say "obedience is better than sacrifice", errm take it seriously because it is soo true. Sha on to the story:

So there’s this guy I met sha at the beginning of my school year, and things were good and we had a lot of friends in common sha over a couple of weeks or days, the dude finally came up to me and you know how these things go... if you don’t, well, we like each other h-end of story. sha being the good geh that I am, I decide I’m not going to get physical until we know h-each other well enough and that was my blessing... sha one day, dude is sick.... can’t get off bed so I go for a visit and when I get there, I find some pills and I don’t know what they are for so I send my mom the names of the pills (she’s a pharmacist) and a couple of days later she replies me that those drugs are for people with tuberculosis.....1 2 3 4 5 *scream*....

If you don’t know what tuberculosis is, it is a lifetime disease and can spread from ANY form of liquid exchange…Google the rest

I did mention we were sort of seeing each other right? Well, we were and I made it a rule that we should NOT get involved yet... asin no kissing or any liquid contact but we did have hugs and other moments but I was really hesitant and careful...

Ok so my rant:

JESUS CHRIST! What would have happened to me if I had kissed him or did anything stupid? What would have happened to me if I had thrown down all my guards, my morals and everything I would have had TUBECULOSIS! Ehen! My mum told me this disease is like a taboo and it’s a big thing I even did a little research on it and I panicked for the longest time... plus around that time I had a cough and chest pains (symptoms of TB) ... remember in my last post I said this was a matter life or death well, YOU SEE???.... the amount of panic I have gone through is too much..... I was losing it small by small mehn and no one to talk to about this ish.... I was scared to the bone... anyways

MORAL OF THE STORY: don’t loose yourself, stick to your laws and rules according to God cos they could literally save you from a life time disease like it did for me.... and yes I DONT have Tuberculosis.... THANK GOD!!! Cleared by the doctor....sha we dont talk no more but the point is never lose your self



  1. lwkm..................God save yu sha but shebi dem say love conquers all thing? no? be that way
    i think yu made a good decision. i no fit shout o.
    new here and following. pls checkout y blog:

  2. Love ke?... all this na infactuation oooh!....
    Ha tenk you i try
    i love your blog! i used to write stories but i stopped *close my eyes*
    Thank you for reading :)