Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merri Krizzmozz!!

*cutting the grass*

December = Exams and they've been a really tough time sha but ayam alive and thats all that matters :). 
Next year, I'm coming back in full force.. just want to wish y'all a Merri Krizzmozz.......:)
I loaf all of you and I hope you have an amazing time on this special day.

Tharrisall :)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Nollywood Excuses!


I have vexed ooh

So the one time I was looking for this particular movie to watch and because I am not at home (in naija) I can’t get to watch it as easily as everyone else. So, I ask where can I get the movie to watch online and some iranu of a person starts to condemn me because I am looking for where to watch the movie online instead of buying the original DVD or going to the movies to watch it....

Thus is my rant

THA FUDGE?????? .... do you my friend, think that if I could find a place to buy it that I won’t, or if I could watch it in the cinemas, I won’t???. I LOVE to support my naija people any day especially when I see a lot of hardwork and effort has been put into a project but I can only help you, if you help yourself..... in other words, I will ONLY buy the movie if I can see it to buy and I will only go to the cinemas if I can watch it in the cinema... so don’t be easy to judge.

I know we have a lot of piracy issues in naija but sometimes, I can’t help but blame the actors, actresses, producers, musician and every single person in that industry... why you may ask? its cos they don’t give us the opportunity to help them... have any of them EVER thought of making a website online where people can buy their movies and watch them like Netflix?. Something that is user friendly and won’t give you hypertension when you are about to put in your credit card number.

It’s frustrating when Nigerians expect apples to freaking drop from the sky. If you want me to buy your movie, make sure I can find it to buy.... SHIKENA!!!!..... it is not that hard... if I can’t find it to buy, I WILL watch it illegally and too bad for your pocket... because at this point it’s no longer my fault.... it is you my friend, that has deprived yourself of that amount of money ... no be me cause am....

And if you know anyone in the industry let them SEE this and make a change instead of continuously complaining because I am tired of hearing this stupid excuse....


*sorry I haven’t been blogging didn’t have much to rant about.