Thursday, November 17, 2011

Random Ranting :)

Whuzzup pimples...asin peoples and pimps... u know! Pimples... you get?? *crickets*

Ok on to better things...

It’s your favorite, Random Ranting... let’s get on with it!

I go dey follow follow you ehh

Since we are on this topic, I think I need to say that I am against all these websites that use the term "follow" because whenever I follow someone, it hurts... my mother said I should be a leader not a follower haba... c as dey degrade my status... k-hem-tee!

Warning: Do not drink milk that has been open in the fridge for over a week... without smelling it. You never know, it might cost you a bathroom session..... *looks at the can of milk*..... WAKA!!!!!! .... K-hem-tee (kmt!)

God bless the idiot that poured spoilt food inside the garbage can in the bathroom...since you have made my bathroom session disgusting, you have been blessed with a sleepless night... :)

Babe stole clothes...they catch her and she said,"ooh sorry, I thought they were mine".. you blind??... these clothes are too small for you considering your size... how on earth can they fit you??... Fool! I for flog the nonsense out of her body.... ABSOLUTE RUBBISH!.... kmt!

Advice... if you can't afford it, then dont look at it... It'll only cause you more pain... :(

Ha! you are looking for someone to buy things for you?... you berra come back to reality...that dont appen erryday..

Errmmm... my life has now become a bore imagine, nothing to yarn about... haha I wished for this but it came to fast…

God! Thank you!

Till I have something to say


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