Sunday, November 27, 2011

What do they want?

*attempting to dodge slap* Don’t arm me!!!!
Ok I apologize but I've had a travelling week asin I travelled almost every other day.... and I had an exam... so it wasn’t the most fun week...
Ill rant about that later sha
Sha onto serious topic...or ranting whichever way you want to call it

Story behind my rant

Me: so what are you looking for in a girl?
Him: I want a clean girl with less baggage... she should love god

*Girl passes by*

Me: what about her?
Him: well she’s not churchy and she doesn’t carry that much baggage... but she doesn’t go to church...

*another passes by*

Me: What about her?
Him: I don’t know, she seems too churchy for me


Am I the only one that sees the contradiction between those two scenarios/ statements. You say you want a girl that loves God and when you finally meet one, you complain that she’s too churchy... you have got to be friggin kidding me right now! Like honestly? Are you serious? ..... Cos really all I see right now is someone that is confused and doesn’t know what he wants! *calms down*

As you can tell, I’m in ultimate ranting mode... truth is everyone has this problem... we envision what we want but when we finally face it, we can’t accept it because truly, that is not what we want.... we want something better or worse than that...

As much as I'm super angry about this whole thing, I couldn’t blame them too much...sometimes, I go to the mall with the idea of buying heels and I come back with a pair of flats.... Why?.... because I find out that those heels I thought would look great on me are actually not for me or I find out that I can barely walk in them.... smh!

But you know what, doing that to shoes, is fine but trampling on human beings feelings, can NEVER be acceptable...

MORAL OF THE STORY: live for God and yourself, you can never please human beings

Tharrisall :)

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