Friday, June 22, 2012


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  Okay I deserve every form of attack but I wanted to start my coming back with an EME album review. This is because I am a HUGE, if not the BIGGEST EME fan on the planet. I have listened to this album 6 times now, 5 times in a row yesterday and the last time, this morning. I would suggest that if you're looking for a particular comment to a song you scroll down, this post is REALLY long. I honestly tried to shorten it. In order to save my final judgement, lerrus begin: 

1) Baddest Boy – E.M.E feat WizKid, Skales & Banky W. - LOVE THIS SONG!. I refused to listen to the leaked version till the original version was released and I believe anyone who has listened to both will tell you the original is way better. Wizkid, is flawless, as usual.... I love the fact that he talks about his "haters" in a more comical way "Ogbeni wizzy, se kosi, you to dey form, kilo fa oshi" and I love the fact the he also adds a prayer " lodun tun tun e ma ko le mo le (this year, you will build houses)" I thought that was very remarkable *kept saying AMEN*. Skales, was just Skales being a boss and I loved it!. Banky was just the icing to the cake and he had some pretty deep punchlines "your girl spent the night at mine, make her breakfast". I thought he did a phenomenal job.

2)  Get Down Tonight - E.M.E feat Wizkid, Skales & Banky W. - This song just comes across as a typical party dance song. I won't lie, at the beginning of the song, I thought it was fine lady with lynxxx. I don't know it just never caught my attention until the third time i listened to the album. Not one of my favorite tracks, but it's still a hit... a slow one.

3)  Sun Mo Mi - E.M.E feat ShayDee, Skales & Banky W.- *sigh* I LOVE SHAYDEE!. Is it to early to start professing love? :$... He just reminds me of Wande Coal in sooo many ways. His vocals are on point and I'm honestly going to be watching out for him!. Skales nailed it! his lyrics are ALWAYS my favourites... I can't wait till he blows the way wizzy has!. Banky was on point in this song nothing 100% outstanding. This song is definitely on the top 10 for me, cos of shaydee's vocals.

4)  Hate (Part 1) – E.M.E feat BasketMouth - LOL! Linda's Blog is always the topic for horrible haters. Not my favourite hate though but Basketmouth did his thing!

5)  Roll It – E.M.E feat WizKid & Banky W. - FIREDANCER !!!!!!!!!! Oh Lawd! this was the FIRST SONG that stood out to me when I listened to this album the first time!. love the beat, WIZZY MURDERED IT!... not killed!. I honestly think this is one of the best songs, if not the best song on this album. BANKY KILLED IT!... His rap was amazing "she said she got boyfriend, Cool story" -- I chopped that one from afar!.

6) Find My Trouble – E.M.E feat Banky W., ShayDee & Skales - Another Hit!.. didn't hit me till the second time but I like this song!... Everyone killed it! "lepa toh ni cargo!".... nuff said.

7) Body – E.M.E feat WizKid - NOT IMPRESSED! I feel like something is missing in this song! Just a little "umph" . Its a song, but its not a good song! it feels like a passby song. The lyrics aren't even all that either.

8 ) Ko Mo Le – E.M.E feat Skales - THIS SONG IS A JAM, LIKE MUKULU!. love it!, Skales delivered! Its a party song too but it has the "umph"!.

9) Dance – E.M.E feat Banky W. & X.O Senavoe - "Oh girl you driving me wild!". This song is GOOOOD. Senavoe delivered! this is the first time I really listened to him so I was impressed. The beat for this song is really the reason why this song is that good, other than that, I am sure we can all agree that Banky likes girls that can dance and also has billions! (That's what he said!).

10) Don’t Delay Me – E.M.E feat Niyola - I was really excited to hear this girl on a track since i never really knew her but she DIDN'T impress me on this one. This song is ok but I wanted to LOVE her songs since she has so much experience and she's been in the industry for a long time now. Don't like this song, I PRAY it grows on me.

11) London Girl – E.M.E feat WizKid - *sigh* I AM MAD AT YOU! BECAUSE IT'S LONDON GIRLS COULDN'T IT BE NIGERIAN GIRLS OR CANADIAN GIRLS?????.  Other than that, its a HIT! Dammit! He impressed me AGAIN!. 

12) Hate (Part II) – E.M.E feat BasketMouth - I Like this HATE!. BasketMouth definitely impressed.

13) Dance For Me – E.M.E feat WizKid - This song is a good song! not GREAT just good!. to me sha!... I know for a fact that its going to grow on me so I couldn't be bothered!.. They've made a video for it already its just a matter of time.

14)  Follow Go House – E.M.E feat Skales, ShayDee & Banky W.- #SEGSHUA (#SEXUAL) ....Skales really made me begin to LOVE him on this song. He is amazing, and so are Banky and Shaydee. Sexual song.. not my kinda song but its a good song.

15) My Baby – E.M.E feat Skales - I LOVE THIS SONG!!...... SKALES! LETS GET MARRIED!... BABA GOD! PLS LET BANKY MAKE A VIDEO FOR THIS SONG!...*sigh* even if you don't listen to this album, do everything to listen to this song. 10/10 !

16) Only You – E.M.E feat Banky W., ShayDee & Rotimi - I'm really happy Rotimi is on this album, he is truly phenomenal, I wish he sang more naija songs. ( . #SEGSHUA . This song is a GOOD song though!

17) Reppin’ EMEazzyyy – E.M.E feat Skales, WizKid & Banky W. - Love the beat of this song and I strongly believe it came from another song!. If anyone finds it, PLS comment Abeg!.  Its a good song all round.

18) Wetin I Want – E.M.E feat Skales & Niyola - An AMAZING song. This is where Niyola finally won my like not love ooh but I like her now... SKALES IS A MURDERER and he speaks yoruba like its his second language. Absolutely PHENOMENAL!. S to da K!!. The song is very fun related and its a good song, amazing beats and on point lyrics. No disappointments.

19) Change – E.M.E feat Banky W., Skales, WizKid, ShayDee & Niyola -  A song with a true message. It a good song. LOVE the message about Nigeria and how we can make a change.

20) See My Mama – E.M.E feat WizKid, Banky W. & ShayDee -  Another GOOD Song!... Amazing vocals and its a song I see myself dancing too. I feel like I got to meet Wizkid and Banky again, when they started. Although I feel like Shaydee blended and he didn't really shine for me in this song.

21) Hate (Part III) – E.M.E feat BasketMouth - Favorite Hate!!

22) Can’t Stop Us – E.M.E All Stars - PERFECT ENDING SONG !!!!!!!!!!!! DEFINITELY 10/10. EVERYONE KILLED IT!! 10/10.

My Top 5
1) My Baby - Skales truly SHINED!!
2) Roll it- Wizzy was ON POINT!
3) Can't Stop Us - FLAWLESS!
4) Sun Mo MI - ... *sigh*
5) Wetin I Want - Amazing Song!

Baddest boy would've been number 2/3 but it didn't qualify because I heard it before the album came out.

CONCLUSION: It is a good album but I feel like Shaydee blended alot in most of the songs so he didn't get to shine! and Niyola is good but I really want to see something better. SKALES IS THE BEST ARTIST ON THIS ALBUM! . He truly delivered and I can't wait until his album comes out!. It is an outstanding album and it has a mix of everything. Although, I feel like SOME of the songs where generic from some artists (party and sexual songs), I feel the album did its job of making us aware of the new comers in EME.

RATING: 8/10. AND I SAY, GET THE ALBUM FOR FREE, IF YOU CAN! (Sorry Banky, but I'm a cheap babe but I will pay to see you sha!)


*sigh* *passes mic*