Monday, February 20, 2012

Music Rant: Ice Prince; Juju


Since my life is boring and there is nothing much to rant about... I had an epiphany moment 2 minutes ago to rant about peoples music / music videos that are stupid! \(^ ^)/
First up is ICEPRINCE;
So here is the video:

And thus comes my rant:

Everyone knows Ice Prince has the worst lyrics on earth! But as if that isn’t bad enough, the idiot decided to torture us with his horrible videos... AGAIN!!!!!!

You know what I can’t stand, chocolate citys’ LIES! EVERYMORAFUGING time, after an Ice Prince video is released, these idiots come up with this absolutely stupid excuse (report) that the video is a "leak". These dumbasses need to sit their ass down and accept their mistakes... YOU ALWAYS MAKE HORRIBLE VIDEOS!!!!!!!!! Whether it is MI or Ice Prince they all suck!!!!! The only thing that saves them is that most of their music is either party songs  (from Ice Prince) or really good lyrical songs (from MI). You know what, I’m not going to comment a lot about them... just wait till they release another stupid report, then I will come in full form.

Apparently this video was "leaked" but the truth is we are probably never going to see the original so we might as well stick to it. In plain words, THIS VIDEO IS HORRIBLE. I hoped, just for one second it was some kind of dream but apparently not.
Ice Prince, in this song you talk about going around the federation making money, Y U NO PAY CLEARANCE PETERS TO MAKE YOUR GODDAMN VIDEO!!!!!!!!!! Your solution is so easy it almost annoying that you can’t see it! Oleku video sucked, superstar was torture to watch, and this one, is freaking unbearable... you made me wish for one second that you fell down when you were on that tall building... HABA! Mr. Man, it is not that hard to make a good video.... considering your tacky lyrics you deserve to give your fans one thing to be happy about.... hen!, you think what I’m saying is evil and maybe I do sound like a hater but in all honesty I am not! I have your whole album and even with the horrible rhymes I listen to every single song almost every other week (HA!).
MORAL OF THE STORY: Ice Prince go and jump of that tall building and start getting common sense because e b like say you need am plenty!

So sorry that Valentine’s Day post just came up... I wrote it on the 17th I just forgot to publish it!

Valentine & Post Valentine Exprience

OK! I'm done...
So I did say I wanted to do a post on Valentine’s Day but I didn’t
Because Valentine’s Day was like any other day for me...
I woke up late, went to class, came back home, watched movies, and slept.
Yep nothing special at all...
But after Valentine’s Day I got a P ^_^
If you don’t know what a P is I’ll try and explain... A P is someone that is attracted to you. You could like them or you could not and you might want to date them or not... it all depends on you...
So the good part is a guy likes me... I don’t know if that is good or not but ooh well
The sad part is that he is not the one I like... but it don’t matter.... life moves on at this point I think...
So yeah there is not much to say... I’m pretty boring slash hurt...
I’ve lost a lot this year.... I don’t know how on earth I’m ever going to recover...
This same today, all I could honestly think about was disappearing from the surface of this earth but I still don’t disappear...
God has a plan for me... but I hope he knows I cannot take any more pain... it'll probably kill me...

"I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish he didn't trust me so much." 
-Mother Teresa

Tharrisall :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Life 101

Happy Sunday!!! (its 4am here)

I.... really, honestly, have nothing to rant about... I only have things to whine about
So this past week my camera disappeared.... first my laptop then my camera....
So I did absolutely nothing on Saturday because I’ve been sooo depressed and sad and I just want to disappear into thin air.... because at this point I’m tired of life.... it’s been a real struggle for me this year ...
Here I was hoping for an amazing year and now I just want to disappear...
*sigh*... I can’t even talk to my mum about this cos.... it’s just too much... my family is going through soo much and I’m not ready to add to it
Honestly I am totally hopeless right now
No one to talk to and.... it’s just so HORRIBLE
My friends either don’t understand what is going through or they are angry with me or they are just not my friends....
I don’t even know whether I want sympathy or not
I’ve lost soooooo much already (apart from my electronics) I don’t even know what else I’m going to lose....
So today I watched movies, painted my nails, listened to music and I attempted learning how to dance...
I feel like just bursting out and crying myself to a serious head ache and then going to bed but I honestly don’t even see the point.... Church? I’m going to go I hope! If I’m awake..... I know it seems like its cos I’m not praying enough that's why all these thing keep happening to me but I’ve been so good about God this year and now that everything is crashing I feel like I .... Don’t know where to turn.... I’m going to go to church because I should ... that’s my last place for hope right now...
Ok this is long enough...
I want to do a post on Valentine’s Day though... hopefully something fun happens that day...
Till then,

Tharrisall! :)

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Ok! Before you attempt taking my life, January was fairly the worst!
I lost a lot of friends and most importantly
So I spent my life savings trying to get a new one (which is this one)
And I’ve been trying to catch up on everything from school notes to tests and assignments
This is probably going to be the most boring rant ever.....but... it had to be done
So yeah... life has definitely thrown me a lot this past month...
But I’m alive so there is still hope
As I speak I have a midterm in a couple of days... that I’m really worried about
I know I promised no more excuses...
But this one is legitimate!
I can’t blog without a lappy...
Mostly because this blog is anonymous and none of my friends or family know about it sooo... typing on their computers will blow the secret... I think
But I’m going to try once- a-week mostly on Sundays cos I mostly have time then
So my new year started really rough
I hope yours has been good though
I’m still thankful for everything
Life is a journey.... I’m learning everyday
With that said,