Friday, October 21, 2011


So this isn’t exactly what I want to call this post but I don’t want to over think it so here it goes:

Is there anything wrong in being uncomfortable by what normal people your age find very comfortable doing?

The reason I ask is really straightforward

Ever since I was young, Purity has always been a priority in my life and anything that contradicted it in anyway was NOT permitted around me. Apart from the fact that my mum made it a law, I grew to love being pure and clean and I guess virtuous. But coming to university is totally beginning to change my ideas. I have to admit, I DO NOT feel comfortable doing lot of things my mates consider as unimportant or usual. I don’t support grinding in any form, not a big fan of kissing and don’t let me get started on sex as a whole. Fine I agree, I am super conservative but I’ve always loved it and I have never had any reason in my life to hate it at all. I’ve always had people around me who supported me and had my back but now not so much. *sigh*

I’ve never wanted to be cool. Not because I never “fit” in with the “cool” kids but mostly because I never supported what they did and if that was the price to pay then it was fine by me.

University is sooo different mostly because now I feel like I’m the only person who supports what I believe but I know I’m not the only one (I hope). But that aside, would you really consider me “weird”, “awkward”, “outdated”, or maybe even “old school”? and is it really bad thing to have such kind of beliefs in this time and age?

I don’t really know what the essence of this post is, but that’s the point… I’m supposed to rant :P

Comment if you want… you might save my brain for over thinking.

LATER xoxo

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