Wednesday, October 26, 2011


So you know as a babe, decided to give myself a lirru (little) treat yesterday. I invited myself to this restaurant... I knew it was expensive, but I had arrived on a special day called "Toonie Tuesday" (no this is not KFC ooh!) its one restaurant like that trying to do copy cat but I wasn’t worried. Since it was cheaper that day, I figured that I’d try the food there sha. The first attendant was really nice and he had great customer service ish sha but the waiter, I for knock that idiots head.... see as she serve me food with no cutlery or ketchup! Kmt! (sha another post for later)..... So sha I ate and then I was like "the bill?" (As a boss!)... Sha I brought out my card to pay sha and then passed it on to her... she told me the bill was $6.21... I was happy cos it was really cheap compared to other restaurants. She now gave me back the receipt, only to see about $11.60....JESU!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which kind yawa be this na! How can you make me happy only to make me cry... turns out the babe already put in her "tip" money as part of the payment and took it from my card. And this is where my rant begins:


WHAT THA FUDGE!!!!!!! 5 dollar tip..... Mehn that used to be what I earned every week maybe a month and babe just took it out of my card just like that! Two things vexed me bout this whole issue. First, that tip was too gaddem much allow na and she didn't even let me tip her myself! she literally tipped herself. God will Judge you! that’s what I am supposed to use to eat the next day and you just thief my money like that! .... I’m happy for her that I wasn’t the one who tipped her cos it would have been -$10 for having to deal with her bad customer service kmt!.. she would have been the one paying me money... Nonsense upon Anger! ....... She didn’t deserve that kinda tip!... if it was the first attendant that I meet then I wouldn’t have vexed this much but she was lousy and she didn’t even do what she was supposed to do plus babe was tensing and vexing in front of customers only to come and chop my money in the end.

Finally, why must we always pay tips to waiters... it’s like an unwritten rule here that you must tip them... I always tell my mum that it shouldn’t be so cos even after you tip them they still expect cash! chai! TWO IN ONE BONUS! ... see, why I’ve always envied waiters here?

End of story, I went out of the restaurant broke :(... I’m not sure if that treat was worth it anymore considering the fact that I’m going to have to suffer it today *stomach rumbles*.... if I catch that woman outside her workplace...she better pick race or it is her head I will use for dinner... kmt!


Love ya'll and tell ya friends’ bout this blog... before I sell my computer in order to buy food. *sobbing*

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