Sunday, October 16, 2011

Reason for going to Church

Happy Bad Sunday

Since I have now immigrated to a new town, I have been trying out some churches around. Sha, I got tired of trying and decided that I’d rather just stream with my previous church than go to a church where I’ll be checking the clock every five seconds and praying to God to rescue me from this utter torture. (Yes, a church where you are not hearing what God wants you to hear is torture because it is not for you!) So, one of my padi was now questioning me about why I’d rather go to church on my computer screen instead of "fellowshipping” with people. And thus is my reason:

Why on earth am I going to church? To fellowship with people or to hear God's word. If I really wanted fellowship, I for waka outside my house go visit my neighbor than drive or take bus down all the way from my house to church. Plus let’s not forget the pre-church ceremony such as take a bath, brush my teeth, look all clean, make up, den pick out dress..... Abegi, why would I go through all of that JUST to go to church when I can just wake up in my PJs and watch the computer screen and nobody knows what I look like or if I’ve even had a bath. Plus I only go to hear Gods word if I can’t do that in that church then sorry that church and I are NOT compatible.


**this is not to condemn anyone’s reason for going to church just my own thoughts

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