Monday, April 30, 2012


So.. I disappeared... for a while... because of school , and life in general..
I'm not promising much, mostly because I have no life lessons to talk about.. yet... but they'll come..
I'm done my first year... Wohooo! .... Yes, there is a lot to say about that... Lets hope I don't forget to write about it...
So maybe I do have life lessons :D
Sorry if I have any typos, etc.... my Microsoft don't work no more so I'm trying to figure out some kind of auto correct...
So that's pretty much it!
BTW, I'm looking for a job... anywhere around the world.. so if you can get me one preferably business related..  leave a comment and we'll see how it goes from there...
I'm an accounting and finance student sooo ... yeah.. thanks
I know I shouldn't be writing this but.... Time is going fast and I really want to do something good with my holiday... Any suggestions will be accepted too...

Ok, Tharrisall... x

Next week shall be better... I hope

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