Saturday, February 4, 2017

Single Diaries #1 : Situtationship

I have been in a relationship or a situationship with an atheist.

I might still be in this situation but as of now it is to be determined.

We met about 3 years ago through my mutual friend who turned out to be his cousin.

I am struggling with this one mostly because my brain and my heart don't correlate.

I am a Christian (from the day I was born till the day I die) and I think I have partially fooled myself into believing this will work.

We are TOTAL OPPOSITES (apart from our religion) and I seem to struggle with our differences a lot.  We don't fight a lot because we try to "respect each others principles" but we can never agree on anything. I honestly feel like the reason we don't fight is because I tolerate his exuberance and I try not to do too many things that I like around him. I am always accommodating him but once I decide to do something I like, he completely ignores me.

This past weekend when he came over, we had a misunderstanding and normally I would apologize and try to work it out but he flat out left and so I think we are done now.

He would always say, "If I walk out of your door angry chances are I won't ever come back" .

I don't miss him, I'm just forced to face reality that I am single and I need to meet new people and find a man that makes me happy. I have been blessed by God with a great job, my own place and little credit problems. I remain thankful.

This is the beginning of my journey to my engagement  #LadyT2020

In the comments, Let me know, Would you date someone that is the total opposite of you? Do opposites really attract?

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